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Our Hitting Program

We offer a unique balance of decades of experience & knowledge along with the current technology and science so prevalent in today’s game.

Learning to Pitch

We focus heavily on teaching players healthy mechanics with an emphasis on arm care & arm strength. We want all our players to learn proper habits and movements to minimize injury risk.

Strength Building

Creating strong, athletic players leads to success on the field. We incorporate strength building drills and exercises for all our athletes.

See It Big Teams

Our goal is to gather our athletes of similar ages and abilities into team settings for consistent and long term development and competitive play. We do not strive to be just anther travel ball team or program as our primary goal is in providing a positive and fun environment while developing players to maximize his own talents and potential. The final results of a weekend tournament rarely reflects the success  don’t always tell the whole story.

Useful Resources

There is a lot of information available online – some very good and some quite bad. Here are some good ones we have found useful.

Our Advisory Board

We have been blessed to have established some great relationships with some very knowledgable and influential people.

These players See It Big!